Ayeska Ariza is a multidisciplinary artist. Creates specially dances and performances that start from listening to the body and take it as living material that seeks support in an instinctive movement. Holds a bachelor's degree in cinema from FAAP (SP) and in parallel with audiovisual she studied and worked with dance and performance. Graduated in the Technical Course in Contemporary Dancer at the Angel Vianna Dance School (RJ). Participated in the intensive program ROAR- Radical Journeys in Dance and Performance (Berlin). Has collaborated with dance artists such as Cristian Duarte, Judith Sanchez Ruíz, Lia Rodrigues and Maria Elvira Machado. Her works "bicho sem cabeça procura centro", "como manter-se de pé" and "retornar", have already circulated in independent exhibitions and festivals in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and virtually. More recently, due to the current pandemic moment, she offers dance and body awareness classes and holds virtual meetings to create and think movement now.


+ 55 21 996020735
instagram @ayeariza and@bichodanca
vimeo https://vimeo.com/ayeskaariza