bicho sem cabeça procura centro 
dance solo | 2018 

The bicho, Portuguese word that stands for animal or beast, is a being that places itself in certain situations from the search for a center. The center is supported at times in the condition of the body's center of gravity, physical center, sometimes in a geographical center, established in space, and sometimes in a psychological center, with regard to issues of imbalance of the human psyche.

The activation of the body's center of gravity allows a presence in the here and now, and that presence brings internal and external energy flows exposing an instinctive and urgent movement.

It is about the vulnerability of this search, since the body in motion places itself in situations of disagreement and instability when playing with its axis.

This work starts from an unsettling search for a center and demonstrates that the place of error and imbalance can happen in this path.

The solo was presented in two Mostras of Escola Angel Vianna (Centro Coreográfico da Cidade do Rio de Janeiro), at Rampa, Lugar de criação at the end of a three-month residency period (Rio de Janeiro), at Art In Process Festival (Fórum de Ciência e Cultura da UFRJ), in the EX_TENSÃO Exhibition (Espaço MOVA, Rio de Janeiro) and the SESC Entre Danças Project (SESC Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro).

Collaborators: Jamil Cardoso, Rodrigo Bocater, Christiana Cavalcanti, Malka Borenstein, Nina Rodrigues and Maria Luiza Tiburi.

Photos and art: Rodrigo Bocater

Projeto SESC Entre Danças | SESC Copacabana | Rio de Janeiro, Junho 2018

Mostra EX_TENSÃO | Espaço MOVA | Rio de Janeiro, Junho 2018

Art In Process Festival | Fórum de Ciência e Cultura da UFRJ | Rio de Janeiro, Abril 2018

Mostração e Conversação | Rampa, Lugar de Criação | Rio de Janeiro, Abril 2018