performance | 2019

This performance arises from the etymological research of the word "center". The walk and  pauses are explored in a delimited circular space. There is an intimate and introspective connection to the spine and how we deal with simultaneous desires.

Performed at Tiradentes square at the LAVRA art and performance event and at the one-year event of the collective La Kermesse, at Caixa Preta, both in Rio de Janeiro.

negociar desesejos / negotiate desires
simultâneos desejos / simoultaneous desires
conectar imaginar encadear / conect imagine chain 
vértebra por vértebra / vertebra by vertebra 
até o estalo / until the snap 
o alívio / the relief
o desejo / the desire 
o desejo? / the desire? 
retornar é um processo mesmo / to return is a process really
re tornar / re turn 
tornar de novo tornar de novo / turn again turn again 
tornar de novo / turn again 
de novo de novo / again again 

tomar de novo / to take again 

Photos: Rodrigo Pinheiro 

Occupation at Praça Tiradentes, LAVRA performance and art event
Photo: Rodrigo Bocater 

1 year event of La Kermessee Collective