dançar o desejo | dancing the desire

This experience is an invitation to stimulation and sensitization of the body as a whole, focusing on the regions of the pelvic girdle, spine and feet. The proposal here is to activate and recognize the individual energy in the act of dancing. To cross and to be crossed, creating and sustaining a dancing body, capable of making choices and negotiating desires.

text in images: base/feet, structure/spine, desire/pelvis. 

"I think it was very beautiful the way you presented and sensitized the body, using images and touch to make it available to perceive ourself as a desiring body that seeks movement" - Lara Fuke

"Participating in the Ayeska’s Dancing the desire class was a balm for the body and for inspiration. I was able to participate in the process according to my rhythm and moment, feeling myself in a space of listening and appropriation. I felt my bones alive, my skin awake and the creative energy pulsing inside and molding itself in the dance of my desire. " - Nina Rodrigues