documentary | 2013

Carne-aço (Flesh-steel) duality is explored during the construction of the documentary.

Seu Geraldo, the main character, is a craftsman who works with art, a person who realizes ideas, who receives drawings and transforms them into sculptures. Seu Geraldo is flesh, works and is fascinated by heavy materials like iron and steel and likes to fish.

Team: Ayeska Ariza (director), Marina Kosa (1st assistant), José Julio Vessoni (photography director), Caíque Ribeiro Barbosa (photo assistant), Olivia Fuchs (art director), Lucas Gattaz (sound director), Eduardo Pires (sound assistant), Rebecca Tavares (Producer), André Caraballo (Producer).

Collaborators: Seu Geraldo and family, Dinaço Ferro e Aço, Malka Borenstein and Ari Ariza.