Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga involves the study and practice of postures (asanas), locks (bandhas), breathing methods (pranayama), meditations and mantras that make it possible to the awakening of our vital energy.

This millennial technology also helps us in our development, in our journey, since it provides, through its practice, largest individual caliber.

The kundalini energy can and should be awakened, its nature is to sleep at the base of our spine, and the practices allow this energy to flow throughout the entire body.

The structure of a Kundalini class is as follows: we open the class with the Protection and Connection mantras, then we do a Pranayama, soon after we do a Kriya (sequence of movements and asanas), we relax, meditate and also finish our practice with closing mantras.

Classes take place in a hybrid way. In person at Casa Luna Yoga studio, in São Paulo (Santa Cecília), and online through the zoom platform. Contact us for more information.