solo, work in progress | 2023

The biggest falls in the world happened:

1) tragicly
2) strategicly
3) comicly
4) unexpectedly

Caia por Terra talks about the fall. It is a work that proposes to transform a sensation by moving it. It's about learning to walk and learning to fall, it's about intimate and collective overcoming. And also about our ability to laugh at ourselves.

This work was opened to the public for the first time in March 2023 at the Mostra de Residentes of the Centro de Referência da Dança Sp. It is currently 24 minutes long and is a work in progress.

Thanks to:

Dance Reference Center and the entire team, Bia Pieratti, Bia Rezende, Janaina Leite, José Artur, Lucas Mayor and Espaço Garganta, Luciano Rios and Espaço todocorpo xyz, Mayra Azzi, Rodrigo bocater, Ziza Rovigatti.

Photos Mayra Azzi